Wednesday, November 09, 2016

When you feel nothing at all.

I'm finally back from New Zealand (yup, mom gave me that as this year's birthday present. Who would have thought hey?)

And i am finally back into the world after finally being able to sleep properly in the last 24hours. WHEEE - i mean seriously who would have thought that is not even 1pm yet!!

I will definitely put my a post on my trip to  New Zealand but honestly... I HAVENT EVEN UPLOAD A POST ON MY TRIP TO MT BULLER! AND THAT'S AN EVEN SHORTER TRIP THAN NEW ZEALAND! GOSH!

its been a week since i'm back and guess what i've been up to. Nothing. LOL!

So yesterday, close to midnight, i had a thought to myself - I'm not doing anything. Why am I even here?

Then it dawned on me, I actually have no idea why am I even here. Hmmm.

I mean yes, there's small ongoing projects here and there that i am doing but there's really nothing on the bigger picture. You know? Oh well.

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